In 2006, we formed SAS to bring a high-value of customer service to the Industrial Chemical industry. For the past 13 years, we have been serving customers with diligence, sound judgement and clear accountability. Our consistency and commitment to excellence has positioned SAS as a market leader. 


Our Mission

The building block of SA Services is how we respond to our customers needs. When it comes to our organizational capabilities, we have established a company that enables us to change and innovate quickly. By working for our customers and with our partners we are able to have a true understanding of the marketplace and how we can adapt to change required to build long-term relationships with all parties involved.

As an agile organization we are able to change ahead of the curve when it comes to developing strategies to build valuable relationships with our customers and partners. The greatest asset of our company is human capital. By empowering our people to focus on serving the customer; we have established a culture that encourages innovation.

There is no question that exceptional customer service is key to building deep lasting relationships with our customers. We believe that investing in our employees and empowering them to serve a customer is the best way to deliver value to our customers on a consistent basis.

We have approached our business with a focus on strategic solutions, relationships, service, and supply of hazardous and non hazardous materials since day one, and believe the benefits offered to our customers to be long-term:

  1. We invested in the infrastructure network and assets to service our customers: Terminal Facilities, Rail to Truck Transfer, Warehousing, & Rail Cars.

  2. Our core operating areas are: Mining, Oil & Gas, Industrial and Agriculture.

  3. Our model allows us to to gather information from our customers and use this to build customer relationships that are more meaningful, personal and productive.