SA Services values our long-standing relationships with other industry leading partners. SAS brings the right expertise and collaboration for all of our clients' needs.  




Kraton has a rich history of successful innovation in a variety of industries; which now includes the oilfield. SA Services has entered into a global partnership with Kraton to bring their top line innovation skills and unique chemistry to the oilfield marketplace. Kraton is especially equipped to handle the growing list of challenges faced by the oil & gas industry as wells get more difficult to drill & complete. Together, Kraton & SAS will bring a new level of innovation and service to the oilfield.

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Turner Gas

SAS is partnered with Turner Gas as owners of the Carlin Rail Terminal, strategically located in Carlin, Nevada. Turner Gas is a family owned, Utah based company that has a diverse portfolio of midstream energy logistics assets. Our partnership allows us to serve our shared customers (including the largest Northern Nevada mines) with fully integrated offerings of chemical and logistical solutions.

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SA Services is an authorized partner with the J.R. Simplot Co. Industrial Products Group, out of Boise , ID. The marketing agreement includes purified phosphoric acid (PPA) out of Simplot’s Pocatello, ID plant with additional distribution points in Hempstead, TX and Lathrop, CA. Our relationship extends to the marketing of sulfuric acid out of the multiple production points Simplot’s utilizes in the Western US.

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SA Services represent Prayon's line of fluoride derivatives in North America. The wide range of inorganic fluorides includes:

  • Sodium Fluoride

  • Sodium Silica Fluoride

  • Potassium Fluoride

These products have applications in fluoridation of drinking water, production of fluxes, treatment of vitreous glaze, as a coagulant in latex and various other applications.