In our continued efforts to provide strategic and logistical advantages to customers, we have partnered and invested in terminals in key locations throughout the U.S.

Carlin rail Terminal

  • SAS and Turner Gas have 50/50 partnership in the terminal
  • Chemical and Refined Fuels storage and transloading
  • 6.5 acres & 2,300 feet of track served by the UP and the BNSF
  • State of the art refined fuels transloading rack
  • Refined Fuels Storage: 20,000 Barrels (840,000 Gallons) of diesel product in three storage tanks
  • Approximately 40,000 gallons of storage for Conventional Gas (Regular and Premium) and Ethanol. 


port of tuscon

    The Port of Tucson is a full service inland port, rail yard and intermodal facility located southeast of the City of Tucson, Arizona, 70 miles north of the Mexico border crossing in Nogales, Arizona on Interstate 19. The facility is located adjacent to the Union Pacific Railroad Mainline and Interstate 10. The Port of Tucson provides the following assets to logistics solutions:

    • Located on 767 acres, POT has over 1.7 million square feet of manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution buildings.
    • 50,000 feet of working rail track with intra-plant switching services being provided

       SAS and POT have partnered for various transloading and transfer products and services.


    Bakken shale region

      SA Services is strategically exploring expansion in the Bakken Shale region. In an effort to support our customers with operations throughout 200,000 square miles that spans through North Dakota, Montana, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The Bakken is one of the most active hydrocarbon exploration areas in North America. SA Services is focused on building partnerships to further the services we offer our customers throughout the region.



      SA Services has partnered with Simplot Grower Solutions terminal to service our industrial customers with operations located in Central Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas and Missouri.

      The terminal facilitates distribution of phosphoric acid with a focus on rail to tank and rail to truck services. The infrastructure that the terminal offers, allows for expansion and diversification of our services.